SRIA Rwanda

Strong hearts, strong minds, strong women

Business Plan

SRIA Rwanda 

SRIA Rwanda Ltd

Strong hearts, strong minds, strong women


Business License: RDB 102331108 -18 May 2011

Shirley Randell International and Associates Rwanda Ltd

PO Box2662, Kigali Rwanda


Business Plan

Managing Director

Dr Shirley Randell AO, FAICD, FAIM, FACE, PhD (UNE), AIE (Lond), MEd (Canb) BEd (UPNG), DipDiv, DipRE (Melb), management, education, gender (

Country Director

Shamsi Kazimbaya, BPubAdmin (NUR), MSocSci G&D (KIE) (



Mr Adam Griffiths (

Dr Alex Hakuzimana (

Dr Anne Marie Hilsdon (

Prof Gertrude Fester (

Ms Jacqi Lavis (

Dr Jaya Earnest (

Ms Katie Carlson (

Ms Marie Odette Ndahiro (

Dr Rex Kinder (

Ms Sifa Bayingana (

Dr Sipora Kisanga (

Mr Stewart Hadfield (

Dr Venera Zakirova (



The majority of SRI Associates have work experience in African countries. We have also undertaken development consulting and assignments in Africa, Haiti, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Asia, including India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor Leste and Viet Nam.




To be recognised as leaders in the provision of innovative, customer-focused technical assistance in managing change and development, gender equality and women’s empowerment



We are project team leaders and members who consistently deliver
outcomes that improve processes, relationships and quality of life



Our work is underpinned by the following key values:

    Honesty and Integrity

    Responsibility, Excellence and Strong Work Ethic

    Listening, Learning and Acknowledgement

    Sensitivity, Empathy and Team Spirit

    Respect, Relationship and Acceptance

    Cultural Competence and Cross-Cultural Effectiveness


Key Deliverables

    Quality learning opportunities

    Consultative processes

    Customer satisfaction

    Creative partnerships and alliances

    Ownership of outcomes

    Sustainable advantage

    Learning organisations


Primary Expertise  

We work collaboratively with local people, institutions and organisations in the public and private sectors and civil society in Africa and internationally to manage projects and provide technical assistance in the following areas:

    Gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment

    Community development and capacity building

    Institutional strengthening and reform

    Corporate, strategic, business and work planning

    Policy analysis and development

    Quality assurance

    Staff development and training

    Job analysis and performance management

    Team building, coaching and mentoring

    Information technology systems

    Participatory research, evaluation and documentation

    Troubleshooting, solving problems and managing change

    Preparation of submissions to tap other resources

    Family, community and social services


    Publications, speeches, reports, biographies, learning material

    Conference management, chairing, facilitating, reporting

    Translation services

    Assessment of governance

    Education reform and reconstruction in post conflict nations

    Community Health Education in resource poor settings

    Health policy



Our clients have included:

    Asian Development Bank

    World Bank

    World Health Organisation

    United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

    United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

    United Nations Office for Project Services

    United Nations Development Program

    International Fund for Agricultural Development

    International Labour Organisation

    Australian Agency for International Development

    New Zealand Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    European Union

  Governments of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Federated States of Micronesia

  Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and Industries, Forests, Health, Quarantine, Trade, Vanuatu

    National Tourism and Ombudsman Offices, Vanuatu

    Philippines Centre for Development Management and Productivity

    Universities of Canberra, Melbourne, Monash, Murdoch and Action Learning, Colorado,

    SNDT Women’s University and Somaiya Medical College, India

    International Organisation for Migration

    Post Graduate Allied Health Institute, Singapore General Hospital


We also work as individuals and team members in joint ventures. Collectively SRIA associates have over 100 years experience in various sectors in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We are able to source local experts to complement teams.


Potential Partners

·        Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion

·        Gender Monitoring Office (GMO)

·        UN Women

·        Women for Women International

·        International Federation of University Women (IFUW)

·        Rwanda Association of University Women (RAUW)

·        Rwanda Men’s Resources Centre (RWAMREC)

·        Profemmes Twese Hamwe


Planned Activities


N8230 Organisation and participation in conventions/tours/conferences/ colloquia/roundtables/workshops

·         IFUW Colloquium on Breaking down Barriers to Female Leadership
In Higher Education, April 2013, in collaboration with RAUW

·         Oxford University Roundtable. Women and Education: an interdisciplinary perspective. Presentation by Shirley Randell on The Role of Women and Education in Post Conflict Resolution: A Case Study of Rwanda, Oxford, UK, 20 March 2013

·         Commission on the Status of Women 57. Panel presentation by Shirley Randell on Global Perspectives on Violence Against Women and Girls, New York, USA, 7 March 2013

·         Rwanda Friendship Tour – International Federation of University Women/Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund – 23 June – 1 July 2012

·         Rwanda Friendship Tour – Women Chiefs of Enterprise International, 16-23 November 2013

        Mentoring for Senior Women workshops: Capacity building for women’s empowerment, self-esteem and leadership:  Core leadership theories and practices including change management, effective communications, executive and peer to peer coaching, group dynamics, developing a personal Leadership Development Plan including identification of an action plan to create immediate impact, and connection with mentors (to be organised).

·         20 Year Convention on Women’s Progress in Rwanda – 2014


J5811 Book/Report publishing

·         Focus on Rwanda: A Conference on Gender Research and Activism: Proceedings, Kigali, Rwanda. (Anita Fellman and Shirley Randell)

·         Commentary from Professor Shirley Randell. Women's Activism - Insights for Empowering Women from Global Women Activists In Diann Rodgers-Healey, Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW). Minnamurra, NSW: Australia, 2013

·         Rwandan Role Models: Biographies of the first Gender Studies Students. Kigali Institute of Education, Centre for Gender, Culture and Development, Kigali, Rwanda. (Shirley Randell and Astrid Escrig – being edited)

·         Gender Centres in Africa: Report of an International Conference (in process)

·         Women's empowerment through community based tourism and cultural exchange: Chances and challenges of grassroots development projects”: Report of an International Conference (in process)

·         Employment and Education – Gendered Perspectives: Report of a Conference (in process

·         Bibliography of Second Cohort of Master of Gender and Development students (in process with Shamsi Kazimbaya)


J5813 Publishing of journals/articles

·         Gender and development: Working with Men for Gender Equality in Rwanda, Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity 26(3), May 2013, Katie Carlson and Shirley Randell,

·         Surviving Genocide, Thriving in Politics: Rwanda Women’s Power Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Journal, 5(1):1-17, 2013 (Gerise Herndon and Shirley Randell)

·         Challenges of Living and Working in Development, both Home and Overseas Professional Educator, Canberra: Australian College of Educators, 2012 (Shirley Randell)

·         Commissioned paper. Violence and Insecurity in Schools for Teaching Personnel: Impact on Educational Access, Background paper for discussion at the 11th Session of the Joint ILO–UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendations concerning Teaching Personnel (CEART-R-[WGVIS-2012-06-0250-1]) (Geneva, 8–12 October 2012) (Anne-Marie Hilsdon and Shirley Randell)

·         Legacy of Colonialism in the Empowerment of Women in Rwanda, Cosmopolitan Social Science Journal 4(1):69-85, 2012 (Ilaria Buscaglia and Shirley Randell)

·         SRIA Rwanda Ltd Occasional Research Papers Series

-                      Transition and Retention of Girls in the 9-Year Basic Education Programme in Rwanda: A Case study of Kanyinya Child Friendly School, Nyarugenge District, Kigali, Rwanda, SRIA Rwanda Ltd, Occasional Research Paper 2 (in process - Olukemi Asemota)

-                      Gender equality, the state and civil society: a comparative study of South Africa and Rwanda (in process – Katie Carlson)

-                      Women as victims and women as builders: Gender and the Rwandan State (in process, Ilaria Buscaglia)

·         Centre for Gender, Culture and Development Masters theses articles (in process)


P8530 Higher education

·         Supervision and examination of PhD and Masters theses at Rwandan and Australian universities, 2012-13

·         Australian Leadership Award Fellowships, Australian Tour (1-24 July 2014)

·         Conducting gender analysis, gender audits, developing gender policies, strategies, action plans in each of the Rwanda University Colleges in the new university


P8542 Cultural education

·         Establishment of a Rwandan Women’s Museum (Dr Olukemi Asemota- to be developed)


S9412 Activities of professional membership organisations

·         Consolidating Rwanda Association of University Women activities

·         Preparation of papers for seminars and workshops at IFUW triennial conference in Turkey 2013


- What Happens to Resolutions When They Go Home for Implementation?

(USA, Rwanda, Australia)

- Successful Strategies for Implementing UN Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security (USA, Rwanda)

- Ideas for Action: Developing Sustainable Education for Girls and Women in Afghanistan (Canada, Great Britain, Rwanda, USA)

Interdisciplinary Seminars

- The Role of Security Organs in Prevention and Response to Gender-Based Violence and Peacekeeping in Africa and International Level (Shirley Randell and Venera Zakirova

- Gender and Sustainable Development: Working with Men to End Violence Against Women in Rwanda (Shirley Randell and Katie Carlson)

N8299 Other business support service activities

Training for government, private and civil society organisations in Rwanda, East-Africa, Africa, Asia

·         Sexual and gender based violence – AMISOM Police/Somali Police Force – 15-23 June 2012 – (report completed)

·         Empowerment on gender awareness training – with Global Rights Legal Fellows Workshop for 120 Afghanistan women and men lawyers – 15 September – 12 October 2012 (report completed)

·         Disaggregated gender statistics

·         Gender strategic and action plans

·         Gender policy development

·         Gender budgeting

·         Gender and education

·         Gender hygiene and sanitation

·         Support for women entrepreneurs


M7220 Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities

·         Gender based violence

·         Gender and education


M7020 Management consultancy activities

·         Consultancy to public, private and NGO organisations on gender issues