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Report Summary
Cherishing Cultural Diversity in Vanuatu: Report of aVAWGUNDP Project

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This report documents the implementation of the “Cherishing Cultural Diversity” Human Rights Assisting Communities Together Project (ACT) 
undertaken by Vanuatu Association of Women Graduates (VAWG). The ACT Project is a joint initiative of United Nations Office of the High 
Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which financially supports local 
initiatives for the promotion and protection of human rights. 
The main goal of VAWG’s proposal was to develop ni-Vanuatu capacities to respect, promote and protect human rights in a direct and tangible 
way by raising awareness and educating ni-Vanuatu young people in particular, and especially at grassroots level, about the 
Constitutional value of Cherishing Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural diversity.
The UN funds provided the opportunity to produce a colourful Poster (cover photo). Public launches were conducted in each of the 
Provinces and the poster was distributed to schools and colleges throughout Vanuatu.
Port Vila, June 2003
Vanuatu Creative Writers: Grace Molisa Trust Fund Report

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This report documents the implementation of the Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (VGIF) Award To Establish A Vanuatu Writers And Associated Artists Association undertaken by Vanuatu Association of Women Graduates (VAWG). Workshops conducted for writers are described as well as the publication of the book "Creative Writing in Memory of  Grace Mera Molisa".
Port Vila, June 2003
Awareness Raising on Court Rules Relating to Domestic Violence in

Vanuatu: Report on AusAID Human Rights Project Awared to SRIA and VAWG

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This report documents progress made in the implementation of the "Awareness Raising on Court Rules Relating to Domestic Violence in Vanuatu" Human Rights Project, funded by AusAID and undertaken by Vanuatu Association of Women Graduates (VAWG) and SR International and Associates (SRIA) with the assistance of the Law School, University of the South Pacific. The project designed and produced an educational kit including workshop activities, questionnaires, roleplays, posters, brochures and a comic book. Workshops were held in every province. The 21 recommendations for future action arising from the project are summarised in the report.

Port Vila, March 2003

Vanuatu EOG report

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Republic of Vanuatu National Elections
Report of the Elections Observer Group 
A Joint Electoral Commission/Transparency International Vanuatu Project
Port Vila, May 2002

This Report is a record of the findings of a 12-person observer group set up to monitor the Republic of Vanuatu National Elections, 2 May 2002 and make an informed judgment about citizens’ awareness of their electoral rights and capacity to participate in a free and fair election. The Report is comprehensive with recommendations aimed at generating a broad electoral and administrative reform package grouped into three major categories:

  • systemic factors where issues and problems are considered to be attributable to laws that leave scope for electoral fraud to go undetected and unpunished

  • process-related issues relating to the management of elections and

  • measures for prevention which include a range of recommendations, including planned and coordinated citizenship education programs that will empower citizens to protect themselves from manipulation by corrupt politicians or public servants.

Reports of the Decentralisation Review Commission

Vol 1Vol 2Vol 3

The DRC Report is in three volumes: Volume 1 is a summary of the background, findings and recommendations of the Commission tabled in Parliament following submission to the Council of Ministers; Volume 2 is the main detailed report which includes a discussion of DRC’s findings and recommendations; and Volume 3 is the detailed raw data and information from the consultations in Municipalities and Provinces.
Port Vila, 2001
Vanuatu Department of Forests: Report of a Staff Policy and Planning Workshop 

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Report of a workshop for all staff of the Vanuatu Department of Forests, run jointly by Dr Shirley Randell and the Director of Forests, Livo Mele. The Director described a holistic view of planning for the Department under the Public Service Commission Framework. The Department's organisation structure, organisational roles, and staff job descriptions to perform these roles were outlined. The policy making and implementation process was presented and policy issues in Forestry in Vanuatu were canvassed. Human resource policy issues were also addressed. Manuals and forms to be developed by senior forest officers under the new regulations were outlined. Staff began to write their individual work plans, cascading from the Ministry's Corporate Plan, Department's Business Plan and Unit Plans.
8 December 2000


The following reports are available on request to
  • Reports of the Niue Human Resource Development Planning Framework, 2002
  • Reports of the Vanuatu Government Decentralisation Review Commission, 2001
  • Quality Assurance in Skills Development in Sri Lanka, 1999
  • Female Youth and Women's Participation in Skills Development in Sri Lanka, 1999
  • Solomon Islands Provincial Government Review, 1999
  • Labour, Employment and Skills Development Policy Agenda, Papua New Guinea, 1997
  • Report on Awareness Raising on Court Rules Relating to Domestic Violence in Vanuatu, 2003

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